i dreamt abt naxx alllll night and now i have some good ideas on how to beat the last two hc bosses :3

one-shotted the normals + one heroic last night :D

hearthstone isn’t lagging for me, it’s just not even opening


last night i spent 3 hours writing an article that someone beat me to and sitting at the computer rushing to concentrate so much really gave me a super headache that i cant shake

i want glasses :(

i have been writing alllllllllllllll day im gonna die

trying to write without a second monitor: “i cant do this fuck switching windows every 5 seconds”

trying to write with a second monitor: *five minutes typing* *ten minutes on facebook on other screen* 


meow hello i am here

i feel like everyone has big hair and i have shit hair and i wish it wasnt that way

my laptop overheats if i play anything more intense than hearthstone and im all up to date on the current anime im watching and we ran out of weed and there’s nothing i feel like playing on the xbox and i dont really feel like there are any books i wanna read and i really just want to go outside i guess and catch the bus into town for no reason, regret it, come home again idk.

i hate having no money and i hate being bored.

it’s gonna be 30celcius today and im leaving the house

im going to die 

i miss world of warcraft so much it makes me wanna puke sometimes

yay :D 7th legendary :)

yay :D 7th legendary :)

i still can’t believe i had that rape apologist, sexist, racist piece of shit in myhouse

im still mad

my skin is crawling

i just want enough money to commission someone to draw me an octocat tattoo

i rly wish vinny didnt have volunteering today

i just wanna spend some time w/ him and not with his dad around and i need out of this house and some positivity to get over all of this bullshit 




im just too irritated to not have an active wow sub rn