can someone please legitimately teach me how to eyebrow

look how cute he is tho

look how cute he is tho

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i’m ur friend i vote for ur cat every!!! day!!!!!


my friend and also my favourite 

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*hugs* i feel the same today, i’m in alone whilst my partner’s out at work. i hope you feel a little happier soon lovely. <3

aww i hope you’ve managed to have a good day anyways! <3 *hugs*. it sucks feeling so dependant but also it’s really just WEIRD being home alone when there’s usually someone else here too :p

jensenassbutts replied to your post: how do u even make friends tho

u leave the house

i guess i don’t get friends then


how do u even make friends tho

i think! im gonna go to the shop out of pure boredom

hmmmmmmm im not rly feeling the essay anymore

but im not rly feeling anything else either

and all i can think is it’s probably 5 or 6 more hours of being home alone and wondering what the fuck to do with that time when i feel so sad and lonely


omfg there are no more lectures after like the next couple of weeks??????

i’ve genuinely almost made it through year one of university

with an attendance record of perhaps 2%

u wanna know how bored i am???????

im legitimately starting on my philosophy essay like 2 weeks before its due

what the hell

mmm idk what to do

wow is having connection issues

if i play anymore hearthstone im going to explode

i rly cba getting back into LoL

cba moving towards the xbox to finish the walking dead game

cba walking dead comics

cba anything


i live for chicken and leek cup a soups

ok i am determined that at some point this year im gonna do the insanity workout thing

it looks so hard i wanna do it

cancelled my doctors appointment bc who needs to leave the house when you can have a lonely party inside