meow im belinda
im a huge piece of shit


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lately i feel so horrible and constantly bored

it’s like life is just white noise humming in my face, im waiting all day for the next day and the next day

waiting for uni, waiting for loans, waiting for even my loan entitlement letter so i can start budgeting

worrying about my weight, feeling anxious and depressed

having no money

having nothing to do!!! not feeling like doing anything

a few more days like this and i dont know how ill even have the will to live

our new neighbours moved in which is gross, its another old lady and the other bitch neighbour is already so far up her arse… I have the feeling that we are gonna be facing some shit soon, given that they both get lots of noise problems because they live on the lower floors, whereas we dont hear much. we’ve already had noise complaints for walking and not being able to close doors silently, so this is gonna be fuuuuunn….

4am: woke up because of dehydration from the drinking the night before. couldn’t get back to sleep, so i sat outside watching the stars for a while

5am: vinny wanted me to come back to bed, i couldn’t sleep so we smoked some weed and watched TV

10am: wake up, smoke up

1pm: start rearranging the bedroom

7pm: finished tidying, finished dinner

8pm: driving to see vinny’s mum

a long day

noooooooooo000000000000000 im in one of those “dont feel like anything” moods again

> logged into wow, cba

> played a game of league, cba

> waiting 4 vin to come home before i make breakfast


i also can’t stop sneezing

i might go have a bath idk seems like a good idea

it’s nice weather today so maybe if vin feels up to it i can persuade him to go out w/ me somewhere


rest day from exercise today!!! it’s also reset day on wow :3

vinny may or may not be volunteering this morning, it looks a lot like he’s caught a throat infection from his mum. he’s still gone to work though, seems okay at the moment so fingers crossed it doesn’t get really bad!

it looks a lil frosty outside, it’s really starting to feel like autumn :3

my exam is in less than a week, i should probably start worrying but ehhhh that’s not how i rollllllllll


i think im gonna go exercise early bc i don’t feel full anymore and im sure 15 mins early is fine

im going to try not to spend much of today on the pc because i literally wasted the whole day yesterday moping abt because I couldn’t think of anything to do - i could have read a whole book or something!

i also got a headache from it again already, i think it might be the dual screens but idk

vinny should be coming home soon but i havent gotten a call yet - im just gonna exercise in the hope that he doesnt come soon bc he’ll be locked in LOL