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so finally i got vinny to watch oitnb season 1 w/ me - half the reason i haven’t watched season 2 is bc i was waiting for him so we could watch it together!!!! 

now we’ve finally finished s1 and im sure u all remember the cliffhanger and fuckin

he’s going to his parents today, maybe for the evening!!!!!!! noooooooooooo

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nah im not gonna do dat, seriously though how hard was it to switch no vegetarian lifestyle and how expensive

really easy and really cheap!!! as long as you can get on board w/ eating beans and lentils and lots of veg/fruit, you’ll have a rly good diet and wont be hungry all the time

it’s been especially easy bc fake meat is SO GOOD. obviously the more you pay, the better it is - Quorn brand chicken tastes so much like chicken that I was worried i was being scammed and eating real chicken. If you’re buying cheap fake meat, sprinkle some stock on it! When we have fake beef in pasta for example, we fry it in beef stock and that gives it a bit more tasty flavour.

It also helps to eat the fake meat in meals and not as a side, like, usually you’d just eat a chicken boob or w/e, but instead, eat the quorn chicken boobs in a fajita or something, cook the meat into a pasta!!

The thing I thought I’d miss the most is roast dinner but seriously it’s amazing how nice it is to just have everything w/out the meat, a bigger variety of vegetables and gravy makes it sooooooooooo nice. Atm we’re big on getting those rly huge yorkshire puddings and just filling them with veg and potatoes and stuffing and gravy, we seriously don’t even miss the meat.

So far w/ trying fake meat, we’ve only encountered one thing we didn’t like, and that was rly cheap fake chicken strips (though we never tried frying that in stock so maybe!!). So far, ham is nicer, the bacon is nicer, the chicken is nicer, the beef is nicer. 

honestly seriously neither of us miss meat at ALL. As far as money goes, our supermarkets have the expensive branded stuff like Quorn, but also lower price ranges which is good and either way, it’s often cheaper than meat is anyway!!!

Another huge money thing when you’re out - it’s AMAZING how much money you save when yr out and yr hungry but you can’t eat meat. you end up spending less because you can’t have mcdonalds, you can’t have subway, most restaurants are off the menu - and the veggie meals you CAN get tend to be cheaper. We felt a bit lost at first figuring out what to actually eat, but cheese&onion rolls instead of sausage rolls, crisps, vegetable snacks, fruit, jacket potatoes - there’s loads!!! 

lmao well i quit volunteering a couple of weeks ago bc i didnt feel up to it

and the people i used to work with used to act like they rly actually gave a shit about me and were always rly nice to my face etc, i went to message one of them today to chase up if there was anything i needed to do and both the people i did the saturday shift with just deleted me??? like thanks bitches

seriously like if you dont care about someone, dont fucking pretend to

i seriously cant even deal with people that only care about you when it suits the situation, but are perfectly happy to just ditch you when you’re not working with them/just part of their circle anymore

im sorry if thats ~over sensitive~ but when i make friends w/ people i do it out of genuine care and interest, not expecting that they’re just full of bullshit

You think you can trust people to be there for you and not make you feel awful when you really need them… NEWS FLASH… it’s a lie.

People are useless and unreliable.