meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow


i spent real ££ on hearthstone today

can someone draw me a cute ghost cat

like a kitty ghost


gonna make an omlette


so few jobs to apply for in my area :(((((((


i’m gonna go work out even tho my legs are in super pain ok bye

third super busy day this week :(

gonna go exercise in about half an hour, then bath

then when vinny gets home we can tidy the house

then megan is coming over for the afternoon 


on the plus side, vinny’s room is done, and once megan goes home i’ll be able to play wow :333

having a ridiculously busyday considering i had 2 hours sleep :(((

so far since i woke up at 4am:

  • played lotsa hearthstone 
  • did some exercise
  • bathed
  • sorted out bus pass shit
  • cooked breakfast when vinny got home from work
  • sorted out more bill shit w/ vinny
  • fucked up paying the phone bill

and i still need to:

  • sort out the phone bill when vinny gets home from his haircut
  • get ready
  • go to tesco
  • come home
  • go back into nottingham and do a load of other shopping
  • go to the doctors???
  • i think vinny wants to paint his room tonight too
  • + other things

i just wanna play wow :’(

pamyu pamyu pamyu pamyu pamyu

anyone who speaks to me on a regular basis despite the fact that im a shitty ball of shit that never speaks to anyone first is actually my favourite

i appreciate things like that so  so much

( * 3 * ) ~~

srs question: if i do a rly intense workout after 2 hours of sleep only will i die or???


the ONE DAY i have to be up early to get shit done, i have the most shittiest few hours of sleep ever :|||||

i woke up at like 4am bc i couldnt stop sneezing and it’s now 6am and there’s no more time to sleep and i still can’t stop sneezing and i was supposed to be doing my workout this morning and im SO TIRED



i have gone ONE WHOLE WEEK without a cigarette

i deserve presents tbh

so super bored :|||||||||||||